Moon Has Better Internet Than Your Home’s Wi-Fi Now

WiFi on Moon 5

Internet has evolved from dial up connection to DSL and now we have the Wi-Fi internet available right in our homes, which provided us with the ease and comfort of connectivity without any hassle of LAN wires and the mess which follows. However, the problem with Wi-Fi is the connection speed and how it drops once you start moving away from router, which is obviously logical, but you would be surprised to know that the same Wi-Fi connection which frustrates you over signal and speed inside your home is providing bolstering speed when it comes to Moon. So yes, you better hope that Mr. Musk puts a colony on Moon ASAP.WiFi on Moon 4

A collaborative effort by NASA and MIT scientists has resulted in the creation of a connection that employs the use of Earth-bound telescopes. These telescopes are used to send the infrared pulses by beaming them to the satellite, which is orbiting the Moon. WiFi on Moon 3 WiFi on Moon 2The upload speeds that have been recorded from the Moon; 622 Mbps. This speed surpasses any broadband speed present on Earth. Downloading speed was rather less (From Earth to Moon) clocking in at about 19.44 Mbps. This speed; although less is still faster than the average broadband speed in USA. Considering that the signal has to travel more 200,000 miles; we woud say this speed is quite impressive.

WiFi on MoonThe most difficult part is to get the signal through the Earth’s atmosphere and therefore, scientists decided to install a total of 4 telescopes in New Mexico. The idea behind these 4 telescopes is that at least one signals would manage to reach the satellite. A complete presentation, of formal nature, will be presented by NASA and MIT joint venture team at CLEO laser technology conference in California on 2nd June, 2014.


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