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Modular Furniture – Let Your Imagination Run Wild


While everything is being worked upon and being improved; why isn’t furniture being improved too? What’s the problem with the current/traditional furniture? It can’t be re-modeled without a carpenter and once it is re-modeled it can’t be converted back to the original shape. Flatpack furniture was introduced to solve this problem but those panels can only be used in limited ways.Now finally a company by the name of Modos is coming up with a design that relies on modules to build and re-model furniture.

Modos has two founders; Matt Tyson and Andrew Personette. Both of these co-owners are industrial designers from New York. Modos was formed because they both saw the sacrifice being offered in terms of quality when it came to flatpack furniture.

Modos will provide you with boards that are created with 15 layers of plywood and are then laminated with formaldehyde-free glue. The boards are 3/4th of an inch in thickness and come with walnut veneer finish. These panels can be connected via anodized aluminum connectors. The company claims that when one end of the board is slid into the connector, a ‘friction fit’ is created that is capable of generating sturdy furniture, which can still be dismantled easily. Modos provides kits and design templates for different types of furniture.

Currently a Kickstarter campaign is being run to raise funds. The pledge levels vary depending upon the furniture you are opting for. The company has high hopes for starting shipment this October, 2014. Check out the pictures followed by a video of this awesome furniture.

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