This Mobility Scooter Has Been Modified To Hit Speeds Of More Than 100km/h

mobility scooter

Most of us keep practicing our skills in our backyard and sometimes become successful in creating something incredible out of the blue. Just like that, these guys modified a mobility scooter so that it can reach the top speed of more than 100km/h. The video shows the rider passing cars on an open road while wearing only a motorbike helmet for safety.

Just to be clear, this is definitely in the ‘don’t try this at home’ basket. There is no denying that the modification of an ordinary mobility scooter is really pretty cool. There are not many details available on how the three-wheeled vehicle was modified. But one thing is certainly clear that the machine is incredibly fast.

It seems that the modification of these mobility scooters is a YouTube genre all on its own. Searching YouTube will reveal hundreds of videos on the subject. Some of them are, of course, aimed at those folks who actually need the nifty scooters to assist in maintaining a high quality of life. But then there are others that are focused on making these machines as dangerous and unstable as possible. It seems like the first port of call to increase the speed on a scooter is to increase the battery output voltage. Once you do that, you are on a slippery slope of upgrading ignition switches and the likely other stuff. We urge you to stay safe on the road, however, if you make any such modification do share a video of it.

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