Mitsubishi To Develop Next-Gen Stealth Fighter For Japan

Japan is pacing ahead in building its own next-generation stealth fighter jet. And it is expected that the country’s airforce fleet will see this upgrade soon in the coming years.

According to the Associated Press, the Asian country has chosen Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as the major contractor for its next-generation stealth fighter jet program.

For now, it is being called the F-X, and it is part of Japan’s plan to have a stronger and larger military to tackle any possible threats from neighboring China and North Korea. 

In the past couple of years, Japan has been adding up to its defense arena and its heavy military fleet. They have also recently unveiled their new lithium-ion powered submarine.

The 2030s will see this amazing new technology in Japan, and these new F-X stealth fighter jets will be replacing the F-22’s that were developed in collaboration with the U.S. The country, for now, has a massive fleet of 290 fighter jets.

The F-X will offer interoperability with the U.S fighter jets and will supposedly have a stealthy design, as it is in the name. It will meet Japan’s air aggression needs combating the latest in the U.S, Russian, and Chinese stealth aircraft fleets.

Another of the top priority role of this latest build aircraft would be defending the country further over the East China sea. The new aircraft’s long-range will aid Japan’s wide-spread defense setups. The new stealth technology would aircraft would be capable of launching up to three combat drones quickly.

F-X will come equipped with Joint air to air missile technology, the UK, and Japan’s collaborated project. However, not much is known about the gun that it would carry. Japan doesn’t manufacture air-craft mounted guns, and Mitsubishi has not decided now whom shall this job be outsourced. They will come up with something that fits their future aircraft well, and that is for sure.

We know if it is over to Mitsubishi, they’ll definitely come up with a remarkable fighter aircraft. They have proven their grounds in the aviation game as it is a top Japanese defense contractor and a supplier for well known U.S aircraft maker, Boeing.

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