MIT Students Create Bricks From Industrial Waste

The Eco-Blac Brick Can Be Created From Industrial Waste 3

Clay bricks are one of the most widely used materials in construction. This use isn’t limited to any one country but rather throughout the world. However, do you know that the manufacturing process of clay bricks requires baking them at temperatures of 900–1000 °C? This is done to achieve the desired strength, however in the process, a lot of greenhouses are emitted. This is a problem, isn’t it? Meet the team of students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that have designed an alternative to clay brick; Eco Blac Brick.The Eco-Blac Brick Can Be Created From Industrial Waste 2

This invention is being touted as the brick of the future while offering advantages such as zero pollution and being economical to manufacture. It is created from industrial waste and hardens at room temperature via a chemical process that triggers the mixture. Since it doesn’t require massive amounts of coal for manufacturing, the emissions of harmful gases can be brought down radically.The Eco-Blac Brick Can Be Created From Industrial Waste

The project was inspired because of the ridiculously high levels of pollution in India, thanks to the brick kiln industry. The problem needed to be tackled before it grew out of hand and in doing so, an alternative had to be devised that would allow the construction industry to use bricks. The brick is basically part of a bigger project in India that is seeking to entertain sustainable house construction.The Eco-Blac Brick Can Be Created From Industrial Waste 4

The Eco Blac Brick is currently being tested extensively in Muzaffarnagar and the outcome will determine if this amazing invention can help in phasing out the conventional clay brick.

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