Mini Z Is A Handheld X-Ray Scanner That Can See Through Your Clothes And Metallic Objects

The Mini Z 6

How do you improve the existing X-ray technology? Ofcourse by coming up with a portable X-ray detection system like the American Science and Engineering (AS&E) did. The gadget has been named as Mini Z and aims to be employed by the security enforcing agencies. According to the company based in Massachusetts, the Mini Z can be used for real time detection of potential threats inside objects that include backpacks and tyres etc.

The Mini Z 4

The Mini Z 2

The gadget employs backscatter technology, which allows it to reveal the interior of the object it has been pointed at by detecting the radiation that is reflected from the target. The device costs $50,000 and as per AS&E, is capable of detecting plethora of hidden organic threats such as drugs, plastic guns and what not. The company has also claimed that this is the first handheld Z Backscatter handheld imaging system. The device has a imager on the front that is single sided.The Mini Z 3

The device works by a simple press of a button located on the top after which, the device starts the scanning process and relays a real time image of the intended target on a tablet that at this point, acts like a screen. The Mini Z is capable of identifying and detecting objects, which the traditional X-ray mechanisms would miss. The best part is that setting up requires no time at all and can be used immediately.The Mini Z 5

AS&E President and CEO, Chuck Dougherty, said; ‘Leveraging the breakthrough capabilities of our Z Backscatter detection technology, the Mini Z system is AS&E’s initial offering of what will be a family of portable backscatter products. The Mini Z system is a game-changer for law enforcement and border security officials who are constantly challenged to quickly and accurately detect potential threats in hard-to-reach environments as they work to ensure the highest level of public safety.’The Mini Z

In short, pranksters and terrorists, beware for the security forces are soon to be equipped with this awesome piece of technology that will give them the upper hand.

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  1. Jamie Reply

    The mini Z sounds great especially if it can be used for real time detection of potential threats. Moreover, it looks like it is quite simple to use. I can see why it would be used in law enforcement and border security officials. How widely is it being used at the moment? If it really does do what it says, it can be a real help in airport security.

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