Mini USB Humidifier Is The Coolest Office Gadget You Will See

Sauna Boy Humidifier

We all crave for gadgets which are stylish and work without much effort. Summers will soon be upon us and we all know what accompanies summer in offices; dryness which is the result of air-conditioners. This dryness haunts us in winters as well. So we present to you the gadget which will take care of the dryness problem for you; Sauna Boy Humidifier.

Sauna Boy Humidifier 2

The gadget is a must have for your office. It is powered by USB so you need not worry about the battery. Just connect it to your laptop or computer and it will sit there quietly and do the magic. The gadget is well designed and goes well with your office theme. Sauna Boy Humidifier 4The price tag is $30 for this awesome gadget. You can get one here:

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