Mini Presents A Transparent Concept Car That Is Meant To Be Shared

MINI 100 years3

As part of the hundred-year celebrations of BMW, MINI has designed a new concept car that outlines a little bit of what the company intends to achieve in the next hundred years. The bold idea shows us that its eyes are firmly set on the future while cherishing its checkered past. After the Rolls-Royce 100 concept car, we were waiting for other automakers to come forward as well and MINI came out with this bold model that employs a vision in which every MINI car out there will belong to you. It will auto-customize itself for you and will feel just like your own.

Here is the concept video:

But, it is hard to imagine that the driving part will still be left to humans since fully autonomous cars are around the corner with Tesla leading the pack. The concept of shared vehicle, though not new is also very difficult to imagine for us right now. These smart cars from BMW have always been fun to ride and very economical too so perhaps we are looking at a world where everyone will have a MINI and there will be no need to identify which car is owned by which individual. Sounds too good to be true?

MINI 100 years2

[Image Source: MINI ]

MINI 100 years

[Image Source: MINI]

“In the future, you will no longer need to purchase your own MINI to stay fully mobile; digital connectivity enables intelligent mobility that feels as personal and engaging – even more than today. In this way, every MINI will be my MINI.” ~ MINI

The Verge reports that the MINI’s new Cooperizer” AI system will mean that the system will be able to customize each aspect of your car and thus, it will feel like your own every time you step inside a different car. This concept has gathered positive response from customers and critics alike as they believe that within hundred years we will be sociologically and scientifically at such a level to enjoy a real shared car. What do you think about it?

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