Millionaire Bryan Johnson Is Making His Anti-Aging ‘Basics’ Available For $333 A Month

Renowned tech entrepreneur Bryan Johnson, founder of the payments processing company Braintree, has gained recent recognition for his rigorous anti-aging initiative. At 46 years old, Johnson has developed a comprehensive program known as Project Blueprint, which includes a plant-based diet, daily supplements, and specific lifestyle practices to maintain youthfulness.

Johnson is offering the fundamentals of Project Blueprint to the public at $333 per month. This package, comprising about 400 calories from his BluePrint diet, includes a 6-ounce longevity drink mix, Nutty Pudding dessert, extra virgin olive oil, and various supplements. Emphasizing the importance of consistency, Johnson encourages participants to adhere to the routine for 90 days.

During this period, selected participants will follow their regular diet, subtracting approximately 400 calories provided by the Blueprint stack. Johnson insists on maintaining consistent sleep, diet, and exercise habits to ensure accurate results. With enough inventory to accommodate around 2,500 people in 26 countries, Johnson, a centimillionaire according to Bloomberg, aims to ship supplies to selected participants by mid-January.

For those deeply invested in longevity, an optional investment of up to $1600 allows participants to measure their biomarkers. Although individual biomarkers won’t be analyzed, the data will contribute to a “decentralized clinical trial system,” facilitating group-level data analysis.

Johnson ambitiously declares Blueprint “competing for the most nutritious food program in history.” However, it’s essential to note that the efficacy of Johnson’s routine lacks verification through independent medical tests.

Participants should approach the program without expecting drastic health changes, as consistency and balance remain pivotal in achieving any health goal.

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