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Miito Is A Redesigned Kettle That Saves Energy And Time By Boiling Water In A Cup

Miito – Redesigned Kettle Saves Energy4

For all tea-lovers out there, it sure does frustrate you when you want a quick cup of tea but have to wait till the time the water boils. This happens because of the fact that even when you want a cup of tea, the kettle has to be filled up and boiling this amount of water requires time. However, a gadget is about to change this by heating the exact amount of water that you require for the cup.

This implies that the device conserves energy while also saving time. When water has to be heated, a mug is placed on an induction plate and then a metal rod is inserted into the mug. The base is capable of creating an electromagnetic field that then causes the water to heat up. If you want to make more than one cup, simply place your teapot on the device and it still works in the same efficient way.

Energy Saving Trust says that if everyone only boiled the water that was required, the amount of electricity saved shall suffice to power a nation’s street lights for as long as two months. The manufacturing team also says that Miito is quieter as compared to a normal kettle and produces little lime scale. Reportedly, it can also work for other liquids and is also good to go with soup.

The gadget comes from Nils Chudy and Jasmina Grase, two young entrepreneurs who are former students of Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. This project started off when they realized that a size-able amount of energy goes to waste when water is boiled and decided to redesign the kettle. According to them, Miito is an ‘innovative product that eliminates the heating of excess water.’

Chudy is 23 years old and is from Berlin, Germany. He shared, “Miito all started with looking at electric kettles and noticing they all look so similar. Later, while researching electric kettles more closely, we noticed that there was a major design flaw. They are extremely wastefully designed – the minimum fill line of the majority of kettles is at approximately 500ml which means that if you want one cup of tea, around 250ml, you waste 50 per cent of the hot water. We set out to redesign the electric kettle from the ground up, to change people’s habits of overfilling electric kettles in order to save energy. Miito is efficient because you only heat the amount of water you need saving time and energy. There’s no limescale to worry about and you can use it with any vessel and any liquid.”

The duo are busy in coming up with ways for bringing this kettle into mass-production and is hoping to sell it around £80 once it hits the market.

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