Miilo Is A New Kids Bike That Grows Up With Your Child

The Bike Miilo

We love children and we see them grow up fast right in front of our eyes. All what follows is something that we have been through but let’s talk about what growing up of a child means for the parents in monetary terms. As fascinating as it is as a process of life, it does take a toll on the wallet. The clothes become shorter and the shoes won’t fit anymore.The Bike Miilo6 The Bike Miilo5

Same goes for mini-bicycles and mini-cars. This is where a Swiss designer comes in with a solution that is feasible and economical. The idea is known as Miilo and it is basically a wood and aluminum bike that ‘grows’ as your child does because it is adjustable. This means that you won’t be spending on new bikes for your child as he/she grows up over time. This also means that the child will have an inanimate object that grows along with the child.The Bike Miilo3 The Bike Miilo

The bike is suitable for a child that is over two years old and can be used by the child until they are 7 years old. By making use of a balance system, the Miilo makes use of the training wheels for teaching children how to learn to ride a bike.The Bike Miilo2

The size can be varied via a simple trick that involves the wooden frame. The idea is to disassemble the frame and then flip it. Thus, designer Andreas Bhend has found a ingenious way for saving some money and given something more than just a bike to your child’s memories.


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  1. Pigupink Reply

    This is really cool. The design is very well done and besides the advantages concerning money, the child will get really attached to it. It’s a pity that it can only last to 7 years old. I love the simplicity and shape of the bike as well.

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