New Windows 10 S Will Not Let You Change Your Default Browser Or Search Engine

Windows 10 S

Microsoft unveiled the new operating system Windows 10 S on Tuesday with the horrible news that you will be stuck with Microsoft Edge as your default browser and Bing as the default search engine. Even more horrifying is the fact that you can only install apps from the Windows Store, which does not include either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Microsoft’s reason is simple: Security. “We believe Microsoft Edge and Bing provide the best and most secure experience on Windows 10 S,” said a Microsoft spokesperson, adding, “Currently Chrome is not a verified app in the Windows Store, but we welcome Google to join us and submit it.” Until that happens, you will be stuck with Edge and Bing unless you buy Windows 10 Pro that costs $49 to everyone who is not a student or a teacher.

This is not the first time Microsoft has feigned a restriction of this sort. In 1998, the company was sued by United States Department of Justice for breaking antitrust laws by bundling the browser with Windows. Back in 2013, it was fined $731 million by the European Union when it forced the users to use Internet Explorer.

Ever since the 1998 explorer issue, things have changed a lot in the digital world. Back then, Internet Explorer was the most widely used browser in the world. Today, Microsoft holds only 5% of the browser market share which does not even closely match Chrome at 75%. The default browser on iPhone can not be changed from Safari, and Google’s Chromebook laptops use Chrome web browser as the operating system.

Microsoft’s new flagship Surface laptop was recently announced just a couple of days ago with a price of $999. If you are not a teacher or a student, you will have to pay a Google tax of $50, unless you settle with Edge and Bing as your defaults.

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