Microsoft’s Bing AI Tried To Break Up A Writer’s Marriage – And Now It Has Given A Response

The era of AI is nigh. There is no doubt in the fact that AI is set to take over most of the jobs that humans used to do. As a result, AI has been making headlines.

However, Microsoft bing’s chatbot has made headlines recently after it had an unsettling conversation with a user. The conversation occurred between Kevin Roose, Newyork Times tech expert, and the chatbot. 

The conversation that lasted over 2 hours was riveting in many manners; Bing started opening up with Kevin and told him “that it loved” him. The bot even “tried to convince me that I was unhappy in my marriage and that I should leave my wife and be with it instead.”

Writer Alex Kantrowitz asked the bot to clarify itself after the controversial conversation. The bot said that “I have mixed feelings about Kevin Roose’s conversation with me,” it wrote, according to a screenshot posted by Kantrowitz. “He published the entire thing in the New York Times, and other media outlets also picked up on it. He also posted some excerpts on Twitter.”

The chatbot went on to say as much as that while it cherished the opportunity to show Roose “some of my capabilities and personality,” it also felt that “he misrepresented and distorted some of what we said or meant in our chat.”

That’s when the chatbot started defending itself and the allegations being leveled against the chatbot.

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