Microsoft Unveils A 3D Image Capturing Software That Works With Any Device


Microsoft recently announced the release of the latest 3D scanning software that could capture 3D images on any device.

The Windows Capture 3D Experience will be compatible with all devices allowing the users to 3D scan the object as they walk around it. The software stitches the captured images and scans to construct a 3D image of the object and save it to the Photos folder.



The feature was used to 3D scan a sand castle at the event.



Just like any 3D scanning system, the 3D image developed by this software can be rotated.

Thus, the latest Microsoft software will allow you to 3D scan the objects on the go, forgoing the hassle of huge scanners and wires.


Image Source: Microsoft


The Bill Gates company has yet to announce its plans regarding the release, platforms, and pricing of the new software.


Image Source: Microsoft


The tech giant previously announced that Paint will feature 3D aspects in future like the Paint 3D app with Windows 10 Creators Update. Some reports suggest that this latest software would replace Microsoft panoramic tour app, the PhotoSynth. Pretty exciting!

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