Microsoft Just Replaced The Default Font In Office For The First Time In 17 Years

Microsoft Office users have grown accustomed to the default Calibri font over the past 17 years, but this week, the tech giant made a significant change by introducing Aptos as the new default font. This switch has not been well-received by users, with some expressing their discontent on platforms like TikTok.

The default font in Microsoft Office had been Calibri since 2007, characterized by subtly rounded stems and corners visible at larger sizes. In 2021, Microsoft announced its decision to replace Calibri, stating that it believed it was time for an evolution. Aptos, a sans serif font inspired by mid-20th-century Swiss typography, was chosen as the replacement.

Sans serif fonts, also known as Grotesque or Gothic, typically have simple letterforms, even strokes, and high readability. Aptos, made of varying geometric shapes, is described as bold, well-defined, directive, and constrained, with clean-cut stem ends and subtle circular squares within the letters for improved legibility.

Despite the similarities between Aptos and Calibri, many users expressed frustration with the change. Some described it as a “tiny bit different” but enough to cause irritation. Users shared their reactions on TikTok, with one stating that the change felt like a “sick joke,” and another humorously referred to it as a “professional identity crisis.”

For those yearning for the familiar Calibri font, Microsoft has provided a simple way to revert to it. In Microsoft Word, users can go to the Home tab, select the Font Dialog Box Launcher, choose Calibri and the desired size, then click ‘Set As Default.’ Users are prompted to decide whether the change is for the current document only or all documents. Once satisfied with the selection, they can click OK twice to make the change.

As Microsoft rolls out this font change globally, users have the option to stick with Calibri or embrace the new default font, Aptos, based on their preferences.

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