Microsoft Just Bought A Pumpkin Farm For $76 Million In Winconsin

In a surprising move, Microsoft has recently acquired a sprawling 407-acre property in Wisconsin for a whopping $76 million, signaling the tech giant’s continued expansion into data center infrastructure. The land, purchased from the Creuziger family, was originally valued at just under $600,000 and had been utilized for farming, including hosting the popular “Land of the Giants Pumpkin Farm” attraction.

This strategic acquisition is part of Microsoft’s broader initiative to establish a new campus for data centers in Wisconsin. The deal not only underscores the company’s commitment to expanding its technological footprint but also represents a significant financial win for the Creuziger family. Interestingly, the $76 million transaction far exceeds a previous offer made by the local government in 2017 as part of an agreement with Foxconn, the iPhone manufacturer.

While the Creuziger family had considered selling the land in 2017, they held out for a better deal, and their patience has paid off handsomely. David Barnes, the family’s local attorney, expressed the family’s well-wishes for both the village and Microsoft, urging respect for their privacy in light of the transaction. Microsoft’s venture into Wisconsin doesn’t stop with the Creuziger property. The company has reportedly engaged in land deals with local county and municipal governments, amassing nearly two square miles of land in the region for its ambitious data center projects. Construction for the first $1 billion phase, covering approximately 215 acres, is already underway. This initial phase is expected to generate 200 jobs, with the potential for an additional 460 jobs in future construction phases.

This action fits in with the growing trend of major tech companies, like Microsoft, investing extensively in building out their data center infrastructure. WI and other rural areas are becoming desirable sites for AI technology research as the need for processing power and electricity for this technology grows. With this substantial investment, Microsoft is paving the way for a new era of technological growth in the heartland of America and marking a turning point in the IT industry’s quest of state-of-the-art infrastructure.

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