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Microsoft Is Working On A Smart Watch That Will Work With Both Android And iOS

Microsoft Smartwatch5

After the smartphones took over the consumer market, we have seen a paradigm shift with almost every item going smart; smart TV, smart glasses and what not. However, a smart watch is an idea that is both appealing and so far, not fully explored. There are a number of reasons why smartwatches are not that easy to manufacture; design, comfort, battery life and most of all compatibility.

The current smartwatches only work with particular smartphones and tablets. This means if you’re using, say, Apple’s smartwatch you won’t be able to use it with Android smartphone or tablet; bummer ain’t it? Seeing how this will result in chaos eventually, Microsoft has taken an initiative with the intent of introducing a smartwatch which will be compatible with all three smartphone OS; Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8.

According to the information available; the design of this smartwatch will resemble that of Samsung’s Gear Fit and shall support a touchscreen, full-color, with a size that will be roughly half that of a stick gum. This screen will be located at the inside of the user’s wrist, why this peculiar placement is a good question; to allow for the user to have some privacy. The watch will also come with a built-in heart rate monitor that will work 24/7. The battery, on a single charge, will power the watch for two days.

Microsoft has changed its approach ever since CEO Steve Ballmer left and under the leadership of Satya Nadella, is working to provide its services to all the users by bringing their products to the current smartphones. Fingers crossed for this latest gadget by Microsoft!

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