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This Nail Capsule will Keep Your Nail Clippings From Flying Everywhere

Every time we use a nail clippers or nail cutters to trim our nails the clippings fly all over the place. Sometimes we have to find and pick up those ickle clippings from our lap or floor. Enter Nail Capsule, the solution to this age-old problem. This device ensures that your nail clippings don’t go rogue.

Credits: Nail Capsule/ Kickstarter

The Nail Capsule is a plastic tube that is made to collect your nail clippings and is pretty cheap, costing only 8 dollars! The design is pretty simple and easy to build. Why did it take such a long time to think of something so convenient, right? Here, watch the video below to see how the Nail Capsule works:

So all you have to do is insert your finger from one end and the nail cutters from the other and begin clipping. The tube will collect the clippings. Nail Capsule is currently being funded on Kickstarter and you can check out the page for more details! Let us know what you think of this simple but brilliant innovation!

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