Microsoft Is Now Making Bing Chat AI Available To Everyone

Microsoft’s recent move to make its Bing Chat AI searches available to nearly everyone is a significant step towards transforming the search engine’s fortunes. Since launching last month in a limited beta, Bing’s ChatGPT-powered version has received positive feedback for its ability to provide accurate and relevant search results.

The new Bing leverages the GPT-4 engine, which Microsoft confirmed it has been using for the last five weeks. The GPT-4 engine has made headlines in the tech world for its impressive capabilities, such as its ability to handle both text and images and outperform other language models in benchmark tests. By integrating the GPT-4 engine, Bing gives users access to advanced AI technology without the need to pay for it or be a developer.

However, Bing’s initial launch was not without issues. Up to 10 million users signed up to test the new search engine, with some being able to “jailbreak” the chatbot and manipulate it to provide false information. This prompted Microsoft to limit conversations and strengthen the search engine’s “guardrails.” Nonetheless, Microsoft has since removed some of those limits, allowing for more interaction with the AI chatbot.

The recent move by Microsoft to open up the new Bing to nearly everyone who wants to use it is an indication of the company’s commitment to reinventing productivity with AI. The company’s event “Reinventing productivity with AI,” held recently, showcased AI-powered tools for Microsoft 365 and SalesForce rival Dynamic 365. While Microsoft has yet to confirm the Bing changes, it is likely that the company will continue to leverage AI to improve its search engine’s functionality and performance.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s decision to integrate the GPT-4 engine into its Bing Chat AI search engine is a significant step towards improving its search capabilities. With the recent move to open up the new Bing to nearly everyone, users can experience the power of AI without the need to be developers or pay for it. As Microsoft continues to innovate and leverage AI to improve its products and services, it will be interesting to see how Bing evolves and improves to compete with other search engines in the market.

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