Microsoft In Talks To Acquire Discord For $10 Billion

Microsoft is settling on terms with Discord to obtain the gaming-centered chat software for around $10 billion, as per Bloomberg reports. Microsoft has detailed that Xbox Chief Phil Spencer is discussing with Discord about the deal that Microsoft seems keen to make.

A recent report by VentureBeat stated that Discord was looking for a deal of around $10 billion after numerous potential buyers showed interest in the gaming chat software. It even got close to signing the deal with a buyer party. For now, Bloomberg stated that the deal is not imminent, but one person stated that Discord would most probably take itself public instead of seeking an acquisition.

Two of the big names that tried to make a deal with Discord, Bloomberg stated, are Epic Games and Amazon. The gaming chat software has earned well in business and has a lot of potential in the future too.

Discord, the gaming chat software, gets to around 140 million users each month, and it earned $130 million in revenues the previous year. However, the Wall Street Journal reported that the company isn’t profitable yet. The company was last valued at $7 billion after a funding round in December earned it $100 million.

The gaming chat software is free for most gamers. Simultaneously, the company makes most of its revenue by monthly Nitro subscriptions that offer advanced features such as optimized resolution screen sharing, larger upload limits, and extra sticker packs.

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