Microsoft Has Finally Added One Of The Most-Requested Features To Windows 11

Microsoft appears to be undoing the problematic standard app arrangement implemented with Windows 11. Microsoft has traditionally discouraged customers from installing Chrome, instead encouraging them to use its built-in browser Edge. The company seems to have reversed its pro-Edge stance by releasing an upgrade that customizes your default browser with a simple click. The most recent Windows 11 update provides the capability to pick a default search engine with a single click, removing the need to explicitly specify which URLs and file categories open in which browser. Formerly, Windows 11 users had to go through a long list of URLs and file formats (HTM, HTML, HTTP, HTTPS, PDF, and so on) and configure each one to open in their preferred browser. It was a difficult system to operate, and many consumers felt compelled to adopt the Edge browser. However, the new Windows 11 update has a large “Set Default” button that allows you to pick a default search engine with a single tap.

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A comprehensive variety of upgrades and modifications are included in the update, notably designed to provide high alerts. The option to set your preferred browser with a single click, which is perhaps the nicest feature, is not listed in Microsoft’s official changelog for the upgrade. To totally change your default browser in prior editions of Windows 11, you had to go through multiple hoops. The operating system requires users to specify a default browser for each type of file and link manually. One of the steps in our instruction on how to set the default web browser on Windows 11 requires repeating a procedure up to nine times. It’s considerably easier to change your preferred browser after switching to the newest release of Windows 11. You could want to use Chrome as your website but Edge as your PDF viewer, for instance.

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Fortunately, the most recent Windows 11 update streamlines the process of changing your default browser. Everything you have to do is go to the default applications area, then browse for and choose the browser you want to use as your default. There’s no need to go through the trouble of manually altering each configuration file.

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