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This Microscopic Footage Of Chemical Reactions Will Make You Fall In Love With Chemistry

Chemistry; the subject many of us dreaded the most in the school days due to its sheer parchedness and lack of visual stimulus. The heavy textbooks are no source of respite either, as learning symbols and equations soon become a chore that every student wants to skip.

One approach to counter this monotony is using hands-on experiments to make chemistry enjoyable and full of fun. But if we were shown these microscopic videos of chemical reactions, maybe our biased views against Chemistry would have been entirely different! Alas! We were only provided with those bulky colorless books to make our lives even more miserable and merciful.

This short film called the Precipitation3 has been presented by the Vimeo channel Beauty of Science. The footage captures the truly stunning chemical reactions on a microscopic level, revealing the particular phases; liquid solutions converting into solids and precipitating. The video contains eight reactions which include the combination of chromium chloride and sodium carbonate to create chromium carbonate, and silver nitrate and potassium chromate producing silver chromate.

We bet you will start adoring those tedious chemical reactions which were hard to memorize back then.

Yes, chemistry seems bland on paper, unless you watch the video below!

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