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Can A Hydraulic Press Crush An Anvil? Today We Find Out In This Video

anvil vs press

Today on why the hell was this video on my “Recommended For You” list, a steel anvil vs. the notorious hydraulic press.

As the narrator says in the video, YouTube’s latest policy is not based on the content, likes or views, but rather on the stupidity of the video. And probably same goes with rest of the social media rankings. So here we are – again!

As we have seen time and time again, no particular object has been able to withstand the wrath of the mighty hydraulic press, with the videos usually ending with a boom and a bang.  So did we get a steel pancake at the end, or was this finally the demise of Lord of destruction?

And please for the love of goodness don’t try this at home, in case you own an anvil and a hydraulic press for some odd reason!

Watch the video to find out!