Miami Wallpapers: The City Skyline Across The Beach

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Be it the beach, café, skyline, tourist attractions, or the food, Miami is a wonderful place indeed. Today, countless Miami Wallpapers are present from which you can admire the beauty of the city and even yearn to stay there for long.

Grab Miami Seaquarium wallpaper and you will find the gorgeous tropical paradise having stunning skyline views which are unlike other cities in Florida. It is a place where killer whales fly upwards from the water and the dolphins walk on water respectively. The sea lions delight the children and the adults get equally amused as well. You can witness world class aquarium entertainment here through various marine and animal shows which surely cannot be missed on your visit here.

Talk about history and art; you can pick the wallpaper of Perez Art Museum which was founded in the year 1984. It is also known as the Center for the Fine Arts but later from 1996 it is known as Miami Art Museum. Around 1,800 different objects are showcased here and 500 of them got obtained in 2013. You can view pieces of Baldessari, Flavin, or Eliasson. Moreover, if you happen to visit the museum, you will see permanents collections that include the works from Purvis Young, Frank Stella, Joseph Cornell, and Kiki Smith.

Notable wallpaper will be that of Coral Castle which is unique and different for many people. People do know about coral reef but few know this stone structure also exists in the world. Created by Latvian American architect, Edward Leedskalnin, this castle lies in the north of the Homestead in Florida. Coral Castle is a famous tourist attraction and it has many pop culture speculations about how it was built by Edward. Furthermore, many cultural references are also present like for instance Billy idol wrote and recorded the song ‘Sweet Sixteen’ and then filmed the video here as well.

Talk about food and cuisine, Miami is full of popular and finest bars and restaurants. Take a look of the wallpaper of The Palm; you will see it is a splendid place. The fact is the famous steakhouse which is frequented by a lot of people and they even enjoy other American stuff as well.

Thus, Miami Wallpapers are many and each of them is different and interesting. You can find wallpapers from any category or location to get a glimpse of the places before visiting them.

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Miami Downtown, Florida, USA
Miami Downtown, Florida, USA

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