MH-370 News: Plane Debris in Mozambique is Definitely from the Missing Plan


Remember MH 370, the mystery plane from the Malaysian Airlines that Simply Vanished from the face of the Earth? Well, new evidence has been found regarding the incident that had much of the world scratching their heads for a long time. It is fair to say that the plane did crash, and now it’s debris is being found all over the world. Two recent plane parts found in Mozambique are declared by experts that they must have come from the missing plane.

MH-370 took off from Malaysia in March 2014 en route to China carrying Chinese nationals home and Malaysians workers employed in China’s huge industrial juggernaut. While it was over the Indian Ocean, it veered off-course before disappearing from radar entirely. The countries around the region frantically sent search parties and coordinated with each other for months, but no evidence of its crash was found let alone one of the main parts like engine, wings or fuselage. Much of the World couldn’t believe what it was hearing that even in these modern times, such big objects could just vanish in a flash leaving no trace behind.

MH-370 parts found in Mozambique3

Now most of the search parties and investigators were clear that the plane crashed into the sea and was probably ripped into pieces upon impact. The heavier parts like the Engine, fuselage and even the wings probably sank into the ocean floor while the smaller debris started drifting away and was probably too difficult to spot from the sky and too less probable to find by skimming the surface. Two years have passed since the aircraft was lost and since then a chain of evidence has been recovered that affirms this theory. The two parts in Mozambique are the most concrete of the lot as they were retrieved in an area where tide data is shown to transport the debris from the probable place of disaster.

MH-370 parts found in Mozambique

MH-370 parts found in Mozambique2

In an analysis of these two parts in Australia, Darren Chester found out that the two parts most certainly belonged to the doomed plane. He also modeled drift currents and tried to find out when and how they reached thousands of miles away. The aircraft was the famous Boeing 777, and these broken panels were from a 777, he concluded. The paint and stencil were similar to the ones used on a Malaysian Airlines plane so in all certainty it is believed to be from the MH-370 itself. But, investigators aren’t stopping there despite two years since the incident happened. The Aussies are currently engaged in an attempt to map the surface of the ocean bed, much of which is unknown to us. This search of the ocean bed will eventually help us in locating the main debris of the plane including the all-elusive fuselage and possibly the dead bodies of the poor passengers. The entire search is set to be completed in the coming months, and people should expect an eventual explanation to this mystery.

More plane parts have been found off the coast of South Africa, which lies close to Mozambique. It is part of the Logo of Rolls-Royce, the UK company that makes engines for Boeing. Now Sout Africa is undertaking new searches as well along its coast.

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