Meta Already Appears To Hold The Rights To ‘X.’ – And It Could Make Twitter’s Rebrand Complicated

Twitter’s bold endeavor to rebrand as the “X” app has encountered a surprising twist as Meta, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, claims rights to a strikingly similar logo.

Following a staggering $44 billion acquisition, Elon Musk recently announced the platform’s new identity, only to find that Meta had already secured trademark protection for an “X” logo associated with online social networking and entertainment services. The clash raises concerns about potential trademark infringement and legal disputes.

The new Twitter logo, intriguingly resembles the “mathematical double-struck capital X” character from the Unicode standard, first introduced in 2001. While this character has long been utilized in mathematical textbooks, it lacks a specific, universally recognized application and is sometimes used to represent abstract geometric spaces or objects.

Trademark expert Josh Gerben, founding partner at Gerben IP, explains that trademarks act as distinct identifiers for companies, setting them apart in the market. Successful trademark registration with the US Patent and Trademark Office requires the logo to exhibit uniqueness and distinctiveness. Meta’s “X” logo, as seen in its trademark filings, differs from the one adopted by Twitter. Meta’s version features two arrows with rounded ends, while Twitter’s rendition is a black-and-white angular “X.”

However, the primary challenge arises from Twitter’s intention to utilize the “X” logo for social networking purposes, a domain already covered by Meta’s stated trademark intentions. This situation may lead to potential legal clashes and disputes over trademark rights.

Additionally, trademarks gain more value and protection as they establish a longer history of use, placing Twitter’s new “X” logo in a relatively vulnerable position compared to its iconic and well-established bluebird logo.

Josh Gerben highlights the significance of the Twitter brand, emphasizing that few brands achieve cultural prominence and global recognition as Twitter has with its blue bird logo. The abandonment of this iconic symbol marks a noteworthy decision in pursuing a fresh identity.

As Twitter ventures into the uncharted territory of rebranding, the fate of its “X” endeavor remains uncertain. The clash of logos presents a formidable challenge, while the cherished bluebird emblem is a reminder of the platform’s established and recognizable identity.

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