Mercedes Unveils A New Van That Is Actually A Toolbox On Wheels

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Mercedes is on a roll. It stole the auto show last year with its specifically designed Sprinter, and this year, it aims to steal the spotlight through its incredible rolling toolbox van!

Source: New Atlas

For the 2016 Chicago Auto Show, Mercedes turned the Sprinter into a green dump truck. The Sprinter-derived dump truck had caught everyone’s attention last year, so, the company had to do something mightier this year, and it did.

Source: New Atlas

This year comes the Metris van, dressed up like a toolbox. The rolling toolbox is prepared to get all the work done anytime, anywhere. The cute toolbox was equipped with a carry handle. It has been designed along with Renntech. The Mercedes’ entry to the Chicago Auto Show was a representation of Mercedes-Benz Vans MasterSolutions program.

Source: New Atlas

The program was launched in 2016. It is a professional up-fitting service that can transform any Freightliner or Mercedes vans for any work environment. The redesign involves reworking of the entire interior of the automotive, adding shelves, equipment, refrigeration or any settings as per user requirement.

Source: New Atlas

The MasterSolutions Toolbox van stole the show with its original exterior and a complete and precise toolbox interior. The van features toolbox-style latches, carry handle, removable tile floor and shelves, and cabinets. There is a clear plastic wall between the driver and the Toolbox cabin.  A side hatch swings up to give access to the top and side storage.

Source: New Atlas

The rolling toolbox is not just a convenience to modern business. It could be transformed into a very useful mobile consumer electronics repair service. The original Metris Cargo van is installed with a 208-hp 2.0-liter turbo four engine offering 2500 lb of payload. It can conveniently tow a load which is double to its payload. The basic unaltered van begins at a price of $25,995 offering an EPA-estimated 21 mpg city and 24 mpg highway

Source: Mercedes-Benz Vans

The Chicago Auto Show opens tomorrow, 11th February, to the general public for the next ten days.

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