Melbourne Will Soon Have Its Own Floating Surf Park

Melbourne Could Get its Own Floating Park4

Melbourne will soon have its own location to surf unlike any other in Australia, thanks to the Damian Rogers Architecture and the engineering titan ARUP. The two firms have unveiled a concept recently, which talks about a floating surf-park that has been planned for the city and houses a beach along with wave pool where the height of the waves can be controlled.Melbourne Could Get its Own Floating Park3

The beach and surf-park will be built at Victoria Harbour and shall have an area of 172,222 sq. ft. As of now, there are no details available regarding how the structure will float, however, we do know that the wave pool shall be self-contained and will take in water from the harbor that will surround it. The water will then be filtered and heated to the swimming water standards.Melbourne Could Get its Own Floating Park4

According to the plan, surfers shall be able to surf on waves that are 5 ft. high and have a length of 524 ft. The waves can also be made smaller when beginners are trying out. Apart from the surfing, the park will offer swimming, kayaking, beach soccer, café facilities and shopping.Melbourne Could Get its Own Floating Park

Damian Rogers said, “The city of Melbourne has some amazing attractions, but we don’t tend to use the water that surrounds us as well as we could. This surf park concept would create a beach lifestyle in the heart of the city.” Currently the duo is looking for financial backers and could very well look towards crowd-funding as well to raise enough money so that it can go ahead with the project.


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