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Meet This Innovative Pot That Grows With Your Plant

Looking after potted plants in your house can be tedious, especially if they are growing ones that need to be repotted every now and then. But the more your grow them, the more you like their longevity and fall in love with their freshness. One of the more problems associated with the home based horticulture is repotting, but with the help of this special pot, you won’t have to do that anymore. It is because the pot grows with the pant itself!

Look at the stretching nature of this material. Now you won’t have to stock pots anymore.

Even the shape of the pot changes with time.

The designers of this incredible pot are inspired by nature more than anything. They believe that the artificial rigid environment that we live our everyday lives in is not meant for living things to live in. The pots are also artificial trying to reproduce the plant life within walls. But this pot adapts with the plant, providing more room for soil and air.

True to the word, nature doesn’t stop and cowers behind no obstacles. It breaks each one of them down.

Not only it works great, the new aesthetic designs of the pot give a different artistic feeling over time.

The pot has been smartly named growth pot and it is currently in preproduction and planning phases. Studio Ayaskan, the company behind the growing pot is working closely with manufacturers to make this pot into a commercial reality.

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