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Meet The World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle That Can Speed Upto 254 MPH

Voxan Wattman new motorcycle claims the fastest electric bike title

A new electric motorcycle just appeared with a bang and claimed 11-speed records to its name. Voxan Wattman is now officially the world’s fastest electric bike.

French manufacturers have a lot to celebrate with this news; the team’s spirits were high, as seen in their press release.

It took some hard work to get there, so to speak. The hassle was increased, and the team had to return to France to complete the remaining work. This was caused due to delay in plans of running through Bolivia salts due to the ongoing pandemic.

Setting New Records For Electric Motorcycle Speed Racing

The latest record of a massive 408 km/h was set at a 3.5 km track. Depicting that the Wattman could have gone even further on a longer track. Assuming it to hit the 500 km/h record wouldn’t be wrong, in my opinion.

The chosen track to make the record is a runway in Chäteauroux, France. And was driven by Max Biaggi, a double superbike world championship winner. The previous record was set at 204km/h on a Mobitec EV-02A.

The team is determined to show the world that their electric bike is capable far beyond what they showed in its maiden speed record run. And will do the same on a longer track to break their own set records.

Voxan Wattman comes with two options. One is the partially streamlined model that went up to a mindboggling 408 km/h, setting new records. The other one is the naked version, and the one more stylish, which reached an impressive 372 km/h.

The team claimed a total of 11 new records to its name. Inclusive of breaking flying start and standing start records on a quarter and a kilometer track. From what is known, the new record-setting attempts will be carried out in 2022, following some additional touch-ups to Voxan produced electric motorcycle.

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