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This Groundbreaking New Motorcycle Design Could Break Multiple Records As Well

With more options in technology and science, the automobile industry is moving towards more efficient and more effective designs. Recently, in June, an automobile company in Britain brought a new design in a bike that was their product. They changed the design of a motorcycle that significantly minimized its drag coefficient. Now, the theory is applied to the new practical design and is tested by the company CEO and its chief rider Robert White who completing the initial trials.

The company is originally from Northampton in the U.K and the White Motorcycle Concepts is challenging the idea of conventional motorcycle functionalities. The company has punched a big hole in the center to allow air to pass without any hindrance through a ‘Venturi tunnel’. This is an unconventional concept in designing motorcycles. Besides the changes in design, the team has also upgraded the powertrain on this bike, switching to an all-electric one. 

The world record already set in the motorbike speed is 250 mph (402 kph). The team of the company has started testing the carbon fiber prototype at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground. The trials that were run on the track were not conducted to test the speed of the bike. The aim of the test was to correlate the computation fluid dynamics (CFD) data in real-world conditions.

The prototype was powered by a 60V system that gave an output of the only 100kW of power. “We are taking a measured and controlled approach to our testing program to ensure no stone is left unturned and given the results we have gained to date my confidence is building all the time that we will be successful,” said CEO Robert White, after the test. 

When the model will be finalized, it is estimated to have an 800V system. This power is enough to make the bike break the world record of the fastest speed previously achieved. The company will continue to test for the rest of 2021 and travel to Salar de Uyuni salt flat in Bolivia next summer for the record attempt. Besides this, the company is also looking for collaboration opportunities with different technological companies to ingrain their patented technologies in the bike.

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