Meet The Most Ruthless Lumberjack Ever

Ponsse timber lumberjack5

No matter how hard green initiatives work, tree chopping and the timber industry remains a money spinning business. When men used axes and basic lumber equipment to cut down trees, it was a slow process and couldn’t go faster than a single man’s pace. When machines like the chainsaw and plank-making workbench were made, the industry boomed, and the price of timber came down as well. In a move to make things even simpler, this all-terrain heavy duty harvester has been developed that can convert any poor tree into logs within a matter of seconds.

Ponsse timber lumberjack4

This weapon of mass destruction for forests may be unleashed anytime soon, and it is interesting to see how regulators will react to it. Ponsse’s eight wheeler angel of doom is driven by a six cylinder Mercedez-Benz engine that generates around 286 Horsepower and 1,150 Newton metre of Torque. It has huge 26.5 inches high tires that makes it movement across demanding terrain much easier. It is also equipped with a powerful crane to lift big pieces of logs. At the end of the log, the main armament is an innovative harvester that clamps the tree very tightly with rollers and other clamping apparatus. The destruction is caused by a 60-horseopower chainsaw in a hydraulic arm that can slice through trees with a maximum of 26.5 inches diameter. Once it gets going, it can annihilate a tree like a mechanical Hulk.

Ponsse timber lumberjack3

Once the trunk of the tree has been severed, it controls the fall so that the woods doesn’t get damaged and afterwards, it can saw through it to achieve the perfect lengths as ordered by the man controlling it. Afterwards, six limbing knives get to work and remove all the bark from the top surface. This seems a lengthy process in words but in reality it takes almost twenty seconds to convert 50-feet tall trees into neat rows of logs. Seeing them is like experiencing angry monsters uprooting and destroying trees. An efficient software deals with the work and gives live progress to the office management, and fleet management tasks can be done via a smartphone app.

Ponsse timber lumberjack

Though these kinds of machines are seen as forest destroyers, it is still important to mention that they can be used to control the cutting of timber and may ultimately be used for reducing and monitoring the number of trees they cut around the year. You can watch the video here and see how they operate and bring down trees by the dozens.


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