Meet The Guy Who Drank Cyanide And Lived To Tell The Tale


Cyanide salts are one of the deadliest toxins known to man. Yet, even the mortal danger could not keep the YouTube Cody’s Lab from drinking it. Honestly, things people do for channel subscriptions!




Historically, potassium cyanide was known as the suicide pill during the WWII. The stuff was used by the Nazis to kill millions of people by gassing them with a pesticide named Zyklon B that used hydrogen cyanide as a key component.




The soluble cyanide salts exhibit roughly the same behaviour; they block oxygen from the body cells and thus, can instantly kill a human. Potassium cyanide is also used in gold mining.

The experiment conducted by the Cody’s Lab meant to demonstrate that the cyanide salts are fatal only if the lethal dose is ingested. For sodium and potassium cyanide, the estimated lethal dose is 200 milligrammes.


Cody takes in about 5 milligrammes of soluble cyanide. Although he can feel the poison affect his breathing, it is nowhere deadly enough to kill him.

What do you think of his experiment? Doesn’t it sound like an attempt to endanger precious life just for the sake of channel traffic? Let us know in comments!



  1. Bett Reply

    It’s fine. As he said, the dose makes the poison. And, we filter out plenty of cyanide and other toxins daily. Great demo, that will foster better understanding of science and chemistry and possibly get kids even more interested in learning about the physical world.
    I would have preferred a little disclaimer making clear that this holds true ONLY for cyanide for this particular example, and that other poisons have different lethal doses that must be known. Also perhaps emphasizing more strongly that this is all for for HIS body weight and strength – for children the dose will be less both because of their lesser mass and there may be processes of development that could change the LD.

  2. M@rk Reply

    What an idiot. Toxins need to be processed out the body via your internal organs. This sort of thing damages kidneys, livers, et al. I don’t need you to drink poison for me. Not helping.

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