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Meet Pontus – World’s First Self-Driving Potato

pontus self-driving potato

Marek Baczynski, a YouTuber, came up with the idea of using potato as a self-driving vegetable and turn it into a pet. Baczynski named the potato Pontus and made it his pet. He said in the video description, “I made a self-driving potato. And then named him “Pontus” and adopted him as a pet. This went well.” He created the self-driving potato pet, but sadly it ended in the oven. The video shows an important point regarding potato’s stored energy and tells that the potential this vegetable has can have many applications.

Researchers don’t get into research to turn vegetables into power sources since then we will get another food issue. However, if someday these issues are solved, plants can be seriously considered to be used as potential power sources. The YouTuber explained in the video description, saying, “You first need to look at: are there enough potatoes to eat? Then, are we not competing with farmers making income from selling potatoes? So if eating potatoes are covered, selling potatoes are covered, and there are some potatoes left, then yes, it can work.”

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