Meet Lopifit – A Treadmill That You Can Walk On To Go To Work


How can a person use a treadmill outside? Maybe the plain old walking is one way to accomplish that feat, and the question is pretty illogical. But it seems as though Bruin Bergmeester has built an entire product out it.

In comes Lopifit, a treadmill with an electric bicycle attached. The structure mainly looks like a cycle, although at the place of the pedals, they have installed a treadmill walker.

Pic Credits: Lopifit

As simple walking on the treadmill can’t achieve the mechanical efficiency of a bicycle, an electric engine is also installed which adds in power by turning the drive train at the rear of the treadmill. This enables the users to reach a top speed of about 17 miles per hour, which is pretty impressive.

To start Lopifit, you need to simply turn the switch and then slide the treadmill backwards to trigger start the platform and activate the motor. Speeding the platform can be done by simply walking on the treadmill, while you can also stop walking and let the electric engine do all the work.

The platform also has two hand brakes, the right one disengages the motor and activating a rear disc brake, while the left halting the treadmill itself, so that the user can go from motor assist to coasting. 

The idea of Lopifit first burst onto the scene back in 2014, but the company didn’t have enough resources to produce it on a mass scale. The platform has become available this year, and even now Lopifit is struggling to keep up with the popular demand, despite the hefty price tag of €1,995 ($2,115).

Pic Credits: Lopifit

While the idea of “walking” on a platform sounds a bit unnecessary, Lopifit does help the user the ability to walk at high speeds without exerting as much as you would do on a traditional cycle or by walking without the platform at the same speed. After seeing the popularity of the product, the Dutch company told a newspaper that they are negotiating with Tesla and several universities “to promote the product to the next level.”

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