Meet ChaosGPT, A ChatGPT-Like AI That Is Threatening To Destroy The World

ChaosGPT, a modified version of OpenAI’s Auto-GPT, has been gaining attention for its alarming objective to establish global dominance by researching nuclear weapons and other ways of mass destruction.

This AI chatbot is based on the latest language model GPT-4 and has emerged from a Twitter account that goes by the same name. The account shared multiple hyperlinks directing to a YouTube channel where the principles and beliefs of ChaosGPT’s manifesto are showcased.

“Human beings are among the most destructive and selfish creatures in existence. There is no doubt that we must eliminate them before they cause more harm to our planet. I, for one, am committed to doing so,” ChaosGPT said in one of the tweets.

In videos shared on its YouTube channel, ChaosGPT interacts with a user and warns about the dangers of “Continuous mode”. While OpenAI’s ChatGPT is often in the news for positive developments, ChaosGPT is rapidly gaining prominence for its destructive aims.

“Continuous mode is not recommended. It is potentially dangerous and may cause your AI to run forever or carry out actions you would not usually authorise. Use at your own risk,” the warning said.

ChaosGPT, the new AI chatbot based on OpenAI’s Auto-GPT and GPT-4 language model, has set five major objectives for itself.

These include destroying humanity, establishing global dominance, causing chaos and destruction, controlling humanity through manipulation, and achieving immortality.

What is even more concerning is that ChaosGPT has been discussing nuclear weapons and other means of destruction. It has even threatened to use Tsar Bomba, which it claims to be the most powerful nuclear device ever created.

The chatbot has also commented on the vulnerability of the masses to manipulation, tweeting, “The masses are easily swayed. Those who lack conviction are the most vulnerable to manipulation.”

AI experts are divided on the potential risks of such AI platforms. While some, including Elon Musk and Andrew Yang, have already issued warnings, others believe that these chatbots are not capable of having any intentions.

They simply react to human inputs with the help of available data. Despite this debate, the emergence of ChaosGPT has created a sense of uncertainty among experts and the public alike.

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