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Meet Australia’s New Firefighting Robot That Is Better Than Any Human Firefighter

It is hard to argue with the fact that making use of technology increases efficiency and speeds up processes while making hard to execute tasks, a walk in the park. Authorities in Australia completely agree to this and are looking forward to hiring high-tech assistance when it comes to firefighting. Meet TAF 20 – a firefighting robot that has been introduced by David Elliot, the Minister for Emergency Services as well as Greg Mullins, Rescue NSW Commissioner.

Apart from featuring a number of other robotic capabilities, this amazing turbine-assisted robot is also capable of spraying water from a distance of 295ft. and can spray mist from a distance of about 197ft. A powerful fan has also been incorporated that can clear smoke from an area without much of a trouble. The TAF 20 can be remote-controlled from a distance of almost 1,640ft and this allows to take the robot to places that were inaccessible to most of the firefighters previously.

It also sports a bulldozer blade that can clear any hindrances such as vehicles in a tunnel or any debris following an accident. Greg Mullins has stated in a report that the robot was purchased by the state for a cost of $310,000 and it plans to deploy it in various parts of the state.

David Elliot is of firm belief that TAF 20 will allow the Rescue NSW Firefighters to be able to effectively deal hazardous situations without any hiccup. Due to its features, firefighters will be able to tackle emergencies that was next to impossible due to a number of reasons; the most problematic being the risk of an explosion.

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