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Germfalcon Robot Will Automatically Sanitize Airliners For A Safer Ride

People from different areas of the world have toned immune systems depending on the diseases rampant in their areas so they are vulnerable to diseases common in other areas. Africans are much more susceptible to cold just like Europeans are sensitive to tropical diseases like Malaria. So, in a plane where people from such contrasting backgrounds get seated every day, the odds of catching a disease becomes considerably high. So, keeping in mind all this, Arthus Kreitenberg and his son Mo have developed a sanitary robot name Germfalcon.

Germfalcon is a robot that can automatically sanitize an airliner using ultraviolet light.

It is called on duty when the aircraft is being prepped for a flight or soon after one has landed. Its footprint is quite similar to the ones of food trolleys being used by the aircraft so it has no problem navigating through the aisles. To avoid crash or any kind of collision, the robot is equipped with proximity sensors. Instead of reaching over each seat, the Germfalcon flexes its wide arms and sanitize each seat using UV-C lamps that are employed to clear hospitals of different kinds of microbes. These lamps are also installed in its sides and heads. Kreitenberg found out that 99.9 percent of the germs were killed after a 10 minute action of his robot.

The Germfalcon is a customizable solution and it can be used to clean the alleyways, lavatories and other areas with limited approach. It also contains fans and HEPA filters to draw in and trap airborne particles.

The father and son duo have been developing this robot for 2 years and they are currently seeking funding through kickstarter. The program backers won’t be able to get the actual robot, but they will get smaller awards. Take a look at the Germfalcon in action in this video: