These Mechanical Engineers Prove Fixing Cars Is A Matter Of Will

All of us have had reasons to visit the mechanic to patch up our cars. That’s the way how cars work. They need repair work every now and then. Take a look at these mechanical engineers who have taken fixing cars to a whole new level and you can do it right at home.

1. If it’s not broken, it doesn’t need repair

If you can tape your bonnet shut, why visit the mechanic?

(Source: Unknown Facts)

2. That’s what forks are for

Need to repair a broken door handle? All you need is a fork and some rubber bands.

(Source: Unknown Facts)

3. Who needs lights when you have the brake

If the brake pedal is working, why do you need the lights anyway?

(Source: Unknown Facts)

4. A tire is a tire

It’s important the car has 4 tires. Their sizes can however vary.

(Source: Unknown Facts)

5. Recycling plastic

We all talk about the importance of recycling, this man did just that.

(Source: Unknown Facts)

6. Green is good

You can now use greenery to fix your dents.

(Source: Unknown Facts)

7. Shock absorbers

Tennis balls are really good shock absorbers. A shame they are not used more often in cars.

(Source: Unknown Facts)

8. Make your own doors

Your car doesn’t have a door? No worries. You can make your own.

(Source: Unknown Facts)

9. Audi three wheeler

Check out this new three-wheeler from Audi.

(Source: Unknown Facts)

10. A snack on the go

Using a lollipop as an indicator means you can stop to snack on it anytime.

(Source: Unknown Facts)

11. Efficient air conditioning

Tired of the heat? Make sure you never have that problem again.

(Source: Unknown Facts)

12. A car needs a number plate

Every car needs a number plate. There is no reason you can’t use more than one.

(Source: Unknown Facts)


Let us know what you think about these unique methods of fixing cars.

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