McDonald & Burger King’ Rivalry In Advertising Is Getting Worse Day By Day. Here Are Some Examples

The fight for supremacy between Burger King and McDonald’s almost seems an eternal one, each one coming up with new and creative ways to downplay the other and trying to attract more customers. While McDonald’s have always been crushing their counterpart in the economic avenues, there has been no lack of advertisement hostility from the both camps! All the better for us since we get to see these awesome commercials and some great tit-for-tat advertising war.

Below are some of the greatest print ads by Burger King and digs at their competitors:

All pictures courtesy Burger King

Of course, McDonald’s have also been up to the task:

All pictures courtesy McDonald’s

The war has spilled out of posters into some of the most creative and funny television ads you’ll ever witness.

Starting off with the event when McDonald’s erected a huge road sign showing how a Burger King was 258 kilometers away, with a much smaller sign pointing motorists to McDonald’s, just 5 kilometers away.

Watch the original McDonald’s commercial here, ending with the line, “McDonald’s is closer to you!”

Of course, Burger King could never let their arch rivals have the last laugh! They released a counterpunch just after a few days showing the “real” end to the McDonald’s commercial.

The ad shows a couple going to the “closer” McDonald’s outlet, asking for coffee since they have to drive ” a long way” and then are shown enjoying a Burger King delight saying “it’s not even that far!”

The video racked a whopping 3 million views, and still counting! You just can’t mess with the King!

Here are some more awesome rivalry commercials, enjoy and don’t forget to tell us your favorite fast food joint in the comments’ section below!

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