Watch This Super Tanker Deliver 20000 Gallons Of Flame Retardant Liquid

Global Super Tanker is a massive firefighting plane which might be the key to stopping forest fires. It has the ability to carry 20,000 gallons of flame retardant at full capacity. This is not the only firefighting plane out there, but the others are usually smaller in size and what further differentiates it is its ability to fly at 600 mph, which is faster than any other firefighting plane.

(Source: Watts Up With That?)

The Global Super Tanker has the capability of making 8 segmented drops on a single flight. Apart from wildfires, it can also be used to combat marine fires resulting from oil or chemical spills. The plane is perfect for remote locations such as steep mountainsides and abandoned coastlines.

(Source: ABC News)

It can cover up to 2 miles of land with the flame retardant in only 15 seconds. It was recently used to combat the forest fires in California. It does not only put out fires, the pressurized tanks of the plane can help in reseeding the soil. It’s low-speed maneuvering capability paired together with high performance makes it ideal in a situation where a fire is getting out of control.

You can watch it in action in the video below:

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