Mark Zuckerberg Is Building A Fighting Arena In His Backyard – And His Wife Is Not Happy About It

Love and laughter intermingle in the backyard of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan as a surprising addition takes center stage – an octagonal fighting ring built by the Meta CEO himself.

In a playful exchange on Instagram, the power couple revealed their differing opinions about this new hobby. Zuckerberg shared a WhatsApp screenshot proudly mentioning the octagon he constructed in their backyard. His excitement was palpable as he declared the new addition “looks awesome.” Chan, however, responded with a brief and straightforward “Mark,” revealing her less-than-thrilled stance on the fighting ring.

With playful banter, Zuckerberg tried to reason that their yard had plenty of space to accommodate the octagonal feature. Nevertheless, Chan playfully voiced her concerns, having dedicated two years to nurturing the backyard’s grass. Her reservations were not entirely unexpected, considering she had previously expressed disapproval of her husband’s hand-to-hand combat hobby.

While the couple playfully navigates the octagon situation, Zuckerberg turned to his Instagram followers for input. Using the poll feature, he asked if he should keep or remove the fighting ring, sparking curiosity about how the public’s opinion might sway this homegrown debate.

Beyond the backyard antics, there’s another thrilling possibility on the horizon – a highly anticipated showdown between Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Dana White, the president of UFC, stands ready to facilitate the clash between the tech titans and eagerly sell tickets to the event.

However, the plot thickens on Musk’s side, with his mother, Maye Musk, adding an intriguing twist. She asserted that she “canceled the fight” at the end of June, keeping her son and his tech opponent in the dark about her intervention.

As the story unfolds, fans wonder if Priscilla Chan’s influence or Maye Musk’s intervention will deter the tech titans from their backyard and octagon ambitions.

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