Mark Zuckerberg Has Slammed The Apple Vision Pro – Calling The Meta Quest 3 Better

The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, recently made fun of Apple’s most recent attempt to enter the augmented reality market with the Vision Pro headgear. Zuckerberg compared Meta’s $500 Quest headset to the $3,500 Vision Pro in an Instagram video, saying that Meta’s headgear is not only less expensive but also better all around.

Zuckerberg cited a number of features, including as a brighter screen, a larger field of vision, more immersive content, wireless design, and better comfort, where he feels the Quest beats the Vision Pro. He also complimented the greater resolution and eye-tracking capability of the Quest.

Zuckerberg did not hold back when he criticized the Vision Pro, highlighting issues with ergonomics, comfort, and display artifacts. He said that despite the Vision Pro’s greater price, it is not worth it in a number of important areas and expressed surprise at the compromises Apple had to make in order to reach a higher resolution.

Zuckerberg appeared to be enjoying the fact that Apple, a company known for quality and creativity, was unable to produce a perfect product on its first try during the entire movie. He also made a shot at the devoted Apple fan following, implying that his criticism would annoy some “fanboys”.

Zuckerberg positioned Meta as the leader in mixed reality headsets going forward and compared the current situation to the PC era, when Microsoft’s open model prevailed. He indicated that Meta’s strategy is more in line with this ideology when he stated that he wanted to see the “open model” win out in the mixed reality arena.

Zuckerberg fuels the flames of the continuing battle between Apple and Meta with his criticism of the Vision Pro. Even though Apple has made progress in the augmented reality market, Meta is committed to maintaining its lead in the competition for the next generation of computers.

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