Man Who Claimed To Have A Car Bomb At A Nuclear Facility Arrested

Everyone loves pranks and jokes but some things just aren’t funny, especially when it comes to things like public safety and unrest. Such jokes are tasteless. This thirty-three-year-old man had no respect for authorities after he claimed that he had a bomb in his trailer which he was pulling with his truck.

He parked the trailer right at the entrance of the nuclear power plant. Either this guy had guts of steel or he was not with a sound mind.

Due to this alarm, officials rushed to the scene at Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Lake County, Ohio. This all happened last Wednesday just as Micheal Fogelson parked the trailer at the entrance. Law enforcement received a call saying that Fogelson was refusing to leave the property. Why would you park a trailer there anyways?

Michael eventually told the plant security that he a bomb in the trailer. This made the FBI, Lake County Bomb Squad, and the local police force comb the area in search of the alleged bomb.

Thankfully though no bomb was found. However, authorities did arrest Michael Fogelson, charging him with making false alarms and aggravated trespassing. Lake County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that “We want to ensure everyone that there is no ongoing threat or imminent threat to the Perry Nuclear Power Plan. This appears to be an isolated incident”.

All these fake bomb threats serve no purpose else from spreading wide unrest and terror among the population. This guy managed to anger the whole of Ohio.

The man who cried bomb. Smile at the camera.

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