Man Takes His 97-Year-Old Grandfather For An Amusing Ride In His New Tesla Model S

The millennials born amidst the rise of technology find no difficulty in handling the newest of gadgets and the kids born in the last decade were able to operate smartphones much sooner than they could begin talking. The older generations, that of our parents and grandparents are not exactly fluent with technology, so many of us get to enjoy the pleasure of teaching them about the new things. A video of a man recently appeared on YouTube who has his 97-year-old grandfather ride in his new Tesla Model S, letting him explore the futuristic features that were almost fiction to him.

Tesla cars are debatably the most innovative vehicles that are around. Even as technology progresses exponentially, few others match the technology and features of the most popular EV in the world, the Tesla Model S. The car is a dream of many but being almost a hundred years old, getting to ride one is a whole new level of adventure and fascination.

A Canadian man Zac Carmi just took out his 97-year-old grandfather for a cruise in his Tesla Model S and even filmed it for his YouTube channel subscribers to see. The video went insanely popular, racking up well over a million views and the grandpa’s reactions are well worth it.

A car as advanced as a Tesla Model S is bound to be overwhelming for anyone who has not been around so much technology, but Carmi’s grandpa showed a priceless reaction. Watch for yourself:


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