Man Suffering From Chest Pain Finds Knife Stuck Inside His Chest

It was quite a while now that Tamao felt continuous sharp chest pain, especially in low temperatures. Later, during a routine X-ray, the Filipino man found out that he had a four-inch-long knife blade stuck in his chest.

25-year-old Tamao was shocked and confused when his X-ray showed that he had an “object resembling knife” stagnant at one position in his chest. More alarmingly, the knife look-alike object was close to one of his lungs. The guy had no intentions of having an X-ray, and it wasn’t done to track the cause of his everlasting pain, but in fact, it was a mining job that the Filipino guy had applied on made it mandatory.

The Filipino guy never thought it would turn out that he has a blade stuck in his chest. Tamao told the doctors that it was a continuous pain, but it was not severe. It was so mild that he didn’t pay much attention to it; little did he know how vulnerable he was.

“I always wonder why I feel some pain in my chest when the weather is cold. But I have no idea there is a knife in my chest,” Tomao told a local radio station.

When the physicians asked Tamao how the blade got in his chest, he replied that he had been a stabbing victim almost a year ago. Kent was riding a bike when a group of boys attacked him. He didn’t know much about the incident, as he wasn’t conscious at that time. He can recall the little that he fought between life and death when he was brought to the hospital in a badly injured state.

Kent knew the incident was bad; however, he believed that doctors assessed his condition properly, performed all the important tests, and got cleared from the hospital. He never suspected that they’d left a knife blade inside his chest.

Kent said that he has no intentions of suing the doctor who conducted the tests and released him from the medical examination with a blade that could have possibly taken his life. He seemed determined not to name the doctor, as he didn’t want to cause any trouble for him. All he is concerned about is having the blade removed from his chest to get marked fit for the mining job he desires to get.

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