Man Miraculously Survives Gunshot After Silver Necklace Stops Bullet

A Colorado man can consider himself extremely lucky to be alive after surviving a gunshot thanks to the silver necklace around his neck.

In a Facebook post last week, the Commerce City Police Department in Colorado shared pictures of a bloody metal necklace. A small piece of metal was stuck in the links of this necklace. The owner of the necklace was a local man who had engaged in an argument with another person out of conflict. When the situation arose, another party drew a gun and shot it during the confrontation. According to details from that popular post, had the bullet hit him in his neck directly, he would have died because of what likely would have been a fatal gunshot wound; however, he survived after being pierced by only a bullet since it turned out to be only a minor puncture wound when it hit silver chain around his neck which deflected it.

Police reported that a .22 caliber bullet was shot in the course of an argument and, had it not lodged into the chain worn by the victim, would have otherwise ended up in his neck; he only got a puncture wound as a result.

The police described the victim’s luck as “just incredible,” with the bullet stopping just short of causing a fatal injury. The incident quickly garnered attention on social media, with many people expressing astonishment at the miraculous survival. Some Facebook users were quick to call it divine intervention, suggesting that a higher power had a hand in the man’s survival. Others saw it as a stroke of sheer luck, a one-in-a-million chance that the bullet would hit the necklace and not penetrate through it.

Whatever the case, the man should definitely consider himself born again after such a close call. This extraordinary event highlights the unpredictable nature of life and how sometimes, the most unexpected factors can play a crucial role in survival. As for the chain, although it was described as silver, the Commerce City Police said that it is most likely a tougher alloy. Pure silver, being a soft metal, would have been easily pierced by the bullet, suggesting the necklace was a silver-plated piece or mixed with a stronger metal.

“We looked it up, and silver is soft,” police wrote on Facebook. “So maybe think twice before you knock a knock-off.” This comment drew mixed reactions, with some people humorously noting that in this case, the imitation piece likely saved a life.

Since then, the occurrence has spurred conversations on the resilience of various metals and the surprising ways that commonplace items can occasionally double as life-saving instruments. Although the victim is naturally happy with his lucky escape, this incident should serve as a sobering reminder of the possible risks associated with owning a gun and the necessity of practicing appropriate conflict resolution and gun ownership.

The police are asking anyone with information regarding the altercation to come forward as they continue their investigation. As he heals from his minor wounds, the man who survived the shooting is probably thinking back on the amazing series of circumstances that brought him thus far.

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