Man Loses Control Of Hydrogen Balloon – Floats For 2 Days And 200 Miles

In a bizarre incident, two men who were on their work trip to harvest pine nuts near the coast of China last weekend were, unfortunately, caught in a catastrophe. It has been reported that the hydrogen balloon unexpectedly struggled in its flight, causing both of the colleagues to lose control and ultimately leaving them with fewer options for safety. The situation got worrisome when one of them was successful in making his way out of the zeppelin and managed to jump safely. On the other hand, his colleague tried to do the same, but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it and got stuck in the air on the balloon.

Coupled with this, the hydrogen balloon started to deviate from its position and drifted around 200 miles away. You would be stunned to know that the man reportedly remained stranded on the hydrogen balloon for two freaking days, as reported by CNN. Luckily, someone from that area finally spotted the balloon hanging from the tree containing a man and called for the rescue. Considering the intensity of the situation, a rescue team consisting of 500 personnel rushed to his aid, and after two days, the man recovered.

It has to be noted that this zeppelin deviated from its original path after losing control and covered a distance of more than 300 kilometers (around 186 miles) in the opposite direction. This was another factor that caused a delay in his recovery. Moreover, the man who was stuck in the sky for two days got minor injuries along with periods of severe hunger, fatigue, cold, and disappointment. The man’s conversation with CTV stated, “I almost gave up. Thanks to the rescuers, otherwise, I wouldn’t be alive. “

However, there have been a number of similar incidents before when the passengers got into trouble, hence the reason for not following the safety precautions. Therefore, it is always advisable to follow safety measures and rules before boarding as well as during your trip, as these procedures are for the sake of your own safety, so you cannot get stuck in situations like these. It has been advised that spiked shoes are recommended for nut harvesters as they have to climb tall trees to reach their mission. Hence, before you board yourself on a zeppelin, be sure you have your safety equipment along with you!

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