Man In North Dakota Returns Home To Find His Truck Filled To The Brim In Walnuts – All Thanks To A Squirrel

The squirrel has a family to feed!

A man in North Dakota was greeted by a surprise when he left his Chevy Avalanche parked under a walnut tree. It seemed like a hard-working squirrel had shed blood, sweat and tears to collect all the walnuts and stored it in his vehicle for the upcoming winters.

Bill Fischer, an insurance salesman from Fargo, North Dakota had been on a four-day work trip when the incident took place. He had parked his Chevy Avalanche pickup under a walnut tree and after coming home from the trip, found it full to the brim with walnuts. It wasn’t the first time that a certain red squirrel had used his pickup for storing the walnuts but this time around, it was packed with around 42 gallons-worth of walnuts. Woah, maybe the squirrel was thinking of opening a walnut business?!

I had to pull the fenders off and clean out all the walnuts out, and thought I had them all and took it down the road, turned the corner and found one rolling down the windshield where the wipers go,” Fischer told the Grand Forks Herald newspaper. “It was planning on camping there for the winter.

Ever since 2013, a squirrel has been using Fischer’s truck as its personal walnut storage, hunting for walnuts in the autumn and storing them in the pickup for winters. What’s so amusing about this is that there are other cars parked near the walnut tree but somehow the little furry friend always finds and chooses Fischer’s truck to store the walnuts in, even if he parks it further away from the tree. According to Fischer, the engine compartment is the squirrel’s favorite place to stash the walnuts although she puts them anywhere she likes. “The squirrel will sit in the tree and watch me clean up the walnuts almost like: ‘That’s mine, buddy,’ as he’s watching me clean up his winter storage,” Fischer said.

It’s almost as if the squirrel knows she’s teasing the owner but wont stop using his vehicle for storing even if it means the stash getting cleaned out afterwards.

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