Man Drives In Reverse For 16km In Just 30 Minutes – Sets New Record

An exceptionally skilled man from India’s Tamil Nadu state of Salem District has recently achieved a record by driving in reverse for about 16 kilometers and 140 meters, and that too in just 29 minutes and 30 seconds. This 35-year-old man has undoubtedly nailed the performance and made a new world record for driving the longest distance in the reverse direction. Passion drives a man crazy to achieve his goals, and this is what we have seen in this case. It all originated when Chandramouli was 10 years old and felt an irresistible urge for driving at that age. Since then, he hasn’t looked back, and here he is, breaking all the previous records! What a victory!

It has to be noted that prior to this breakthrough, 22-year-old Tesson Thomas from Pathanamthitta, Kerala, was at the top of the list in reverse driving, in which he covered 14.2 kilometers in 30 minutes. As already noted, the position has now been replaced by Chandramouli, with his exceptional driving skills. Not to mention, when asked about the reason behind achieving this milestone and why he even thought of it at first to make a world record, Chandramouli said that the aim behind this is to make the youth understand the safety considerations.

In addition to this, he said that driving normally in a forward direction is a piece of cake for most people, but when it comes to reversing the vehicle, many fail. Furthermore, the task becomes even more difficult when it has to be performed in extreme traffic conditions or during an emergency situation. That’s why he wanted people to understand that reverse driving needs more of your attention. Most importantly, Chandramouli had gone through severe neck pain for a whole period because he was constantly under the influence of a backward force that pushed his neck.

Therefore, he suggested everyone to take special care of their body parts while reverse driving, as it can be harmful otherwise. Well, the great record of all-time reverse driving still holds when two men named Brian “Cub” Keene and James “Wilbur” Wright practiced this thing continuously for a whopping 37 days and covered around 15 American states during the journey that ended at 14,534 km.

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